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EuroAirport’s Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) renewed

The Airport Carbon Accreditation certification Level 2, first awarded to EuroAirport in 2018, was confirmed for the second time in late August. The Airport is now working towards ACA Level 3 accreditation in 2021.


ACA is a certification programme set up by the Airports Council International Europe to manage and reduce airport CO2 emissions. ACA certification is awarded to airports that make special efforts to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The programme comprises four certification levels: Level 1 - Mapping, Level 2 - Reduction, Level 3 - Optimisation, and Level 3+ - Neutrality.

The renewed certification by ACI Europe acknowledges EuroAirport's efforts to reduce its own CO2 emissions. The Airport aims to cut its emissions by 20% per traffic unit by 2022 compared to 2015. EuroAirport's CO2 emissions are directly related to its infrastructure and the services provided to its customers, such as building facilities, power supply and distribution, and the fuel consumption of its fleet.

Key element of EuroAirport’s environmental strategy
Reducing its environmental footprint is one of EuroAirport's prime objectives and covers various aspects such as limiting noise, controlling emissions with a special emphasis on air pollutants, developing waste sorting systems and promoting low energy standards in buildings. EuroAirport’s declared aim is to ensure the Airport’s sustainable development while balancing economic, social and ecological aspects.

Next step: ACA Level 3 accreditation
The Airport is now working towards ACA Level 3 accreditation. To attain this level, EuroAirport needs to incorporate its partners on the airport site in its carbon footprint, i.e. about 120 companies accounting for nearly 6300 jobs.

Read more about ACA certification under the following link: