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Police order applicable at Basel-Mulhouse Airport

The police order applicable at Basel-Mulhouse Airport, provided for by article R213-1 of the Civil Aviation Code, was issued by the Prefect of Haut-Rhin on 13 April 2016.

This order repeals the order of 2 December 2015 concerning the police measures applicable at Basel-Mulhouse Airport.

It includes maps outlining the limits of the public areas, safety areas and customs sectors.

For more information (the documents are only available in French language):

Arrêté préfectoral du 5 avril 2023 - PDF Plan de sectorisation de l'aéroport de Bâle-Mulhouse - PDF Annexes circulation côté ville - PDF Mesures particulières d’application de l’arrêté préfectoral relatif aux mesures de police applicables sur l'Aéroport - PDF