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Human resources

Basel-Mulhouse Airport

Governed by the rules of the french-swiss agreement of 1949, Basel-Mulhouse airport is the only bi-national airport in the world. Located on French territory, its site has Swiss customs' zones, which are connected to Basel by a customs' road.

Basel-Mulhouse Airport is the name of a public international institution with its head office in France, which manages the airport site; its main task is to place runways and buildings in good state of repair at its clients' disposal (construction, technical maintenance, parkings, administration, financial and commercial management, marketing, environment, fire safety, human resources management, etc.).

Basel-Mulhouse Airport, administrator of the site, is one of 130 companies of the platform, and its Human Resources Department only manages its own available jobs. It isn't able to give information about job vacancies at the other companies (e.g. receptionists, flight attendants, pilots, air traffic controllers, check-in agents, flight engineers, aircraft maintenance, security agents, cleaning agents, restaurant staff, etc.) situated on the airport grounds.

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