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By car

Ongoing construction works

Duration of journey by road from and to the airport

F - Saint-Louis: 5 minutes

F - Mulhouse: 30 minutes
F - Colmar: 50 minutes
F - Belfort: 60 minutes
F - Montbéliard: 75 minutes
F - Strasbourg: 75 minutes

CH - Basel: 5 minutes
CH - Berne: 60 minutes
CH - Lucerne: 60 minutes
CH - Zurich: 55 minutes

D - Freiburg: 50 minutes

How to find EuroAirport with your GPS?

The airport has no street address. Most GPS will find us though if you search e.g. for "Basel airport" or "EuroAirport".

Alternatively, you can use the following coordinates:

Swiss side, roundabout on the airport access road (follow the signs to the airport afterwards):
N 47°34.491'
E 07°33.747'

French side, roundabout on the airport entryway:
N 47°36.243'
E 07°31.819'

Please bear in mind that you can access either the Swiss or the French side of the airport, and enter the required location into your GPS accordingly.


Overall map of the region

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Road map

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Plan of car parks, French sector

Parkings France

Plan of car parks, Swiss sector

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Access map cargo terminals