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Art at the Airport – a project to raise awareness for sustainable travel

EuroAirport realised the art project “Memories of the Future” in collaboration with Swiss climate protection association myclimate and two schools of art from the region, the “Hochschule Macromedia” in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) and the Basel-based “Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW” (Switzerland). Via the display of artworks on building surfaces, free wall space at EuroAirport is used as a canvas and projection surface by a young generation of creative people who are trying to invent a more sustainable world. Under the motto “Memories of the Future”, the students created a world filled with creative memories about vacations, distant cultures and natural wonders. The large-scale paintings and installations are placed in different locations in the departure and arrival zones, aiming to initiate both the wider public and passengers alike to raise their sense of responsibility for their own carbon footprint, and to encourage them to offset their flights.

Click here for the virtual art exhibition of "Memories of the Future"

EuroAirport actively supports efforts to mitigate and offset the carbon emissions caused by flying.

Working together with the myclimate foundation, we are helping all our passengers to offset on a voluntary* basis the carbon emissions caused by their flight. Use the myclimate flight calculator to work out your flight’s carbon footprint and how much it would cost to offset it. Emissions are offset via myclimate’s high-quality climate projects around the world, which meet the most stringent standards (Clean Development Mechanism, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo). The climate projects mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and directly help protect the climate. Not only do the climate projects reduce emissions with an impact on the climate; they also contribute to the sustainable development of the regions where they are located.

myclimate provides the option of investing directly in specific climate projects or generally supporting the foundation’s goals through a donation.

* Please note that easyJet (all services) and Air France (all domestic services in France) already fully offset their flights’ emissions. Of course, you may make an additional personal contribution to protecting the climate if you are travelling with easyJet or Air France.

Calculate your flight’s carbon emissions

Using the myclimate carbon offset calculator you can find out what your share of the flight’s CO2 is. In just a few clicks you can then offset the emissions you are responsible for.

Basis for the calculations
The myclimate flight calculator works out the amount of carbon emissions an aircraft emits per passenger over the course of a flight. What’s more, nitrogen and aerosols are taken into account and converted into carbon equivalents. The calculation is based on average consumption data for typical short-haul and long-haul aircraft. It also takes into consideration whether you are flying in economy, business or first class. Further information about how the calculations are made is available at: Calculation principles used by the myclimate flight calculator.

EuroAirport’s commitment to sustainability

EuroAirport’s mission is to ensure air transport connections between the trinational region. It has adopted a sustainable development approach in pursuit of this mission.

EuroAirport wants to be recognised as a reliable partner through its efforts to support sustainable development. It is highly conscious of the true value of natural resources for the common good and economic development. For that very reason, the operator is maintaining its environmental commitment by focusing on areas that matter most to its stakeholder groups and its own activities.

Airport carbon accreditation

Part of this strategy is EuroAirport’s dedication to reducing its own carbon emissions, as demonstrated by the renewal of its Level 4 "Airport Carbon Accreditation" (ACA): EuroAirport is also currently considering the option of going net carbon-neutral in terms of its own carbon emissions by 2030, which would be 20 years sooner than originally planned.

About the myclimate foundation
myclimate helps provide effective climate protection at both global and local level. Working with businesses and individuals, myclimate aims to shape the future of the world through advice and educational offerings, plus its own projects. The Zurich-based Swiss foundation with partners and customers around the world is pursuing this goal as a market-oriented and customer-focused non-profit organisation. Voluntary carbon offsets are currently made through more than 144 climate projects in 41 countries. They reduce emissions by replacing fossil fuel sources with more renewable energies, undertaking local forestry projects led by smallholders and by implementing energy-efficient technologies.