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General Information

Hand baggage

You may normally and in accordance with the IATA standard take a single piece of baggage into the cabin at no cost if its measurements (width + length + height) do not exceed 115 cm.

Depending on the airline, however, the weight allowance and dimensions of the hand luggage vary - please enquire with your airline directly.

Checked baggage

Generally and in accordance with the IATA standard the weight of registered baggage may not exceed the following limits:

  • First class 40 kg
  • Business class 30 kg
  • Economy class 20 kg
  • Charter flights 20 kg

Normally, the measurements of a piece of baggage may not exceed 178 cm (width + length+ height). Otherwise it will be considered as bulky baggage.

The amounts, measurements and total weight of pieces of baggage the registration of which is included in the air fare, depending on the airline or booking class may, however, differ from these  indications - please enquire with your airline directly.

Unattended luggage