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Coordination for non-based VFR flights

The goal is to obtain a more efficient and reliable air trafic coordination at Basel-Mulhouse Airport. Therefore it was decided to implement a PPR (Prior Permission Required) procedure for all non-based VFR flights requesting to land and park on the airport’s main apron.

This procedure does not concern non-based VFR flights planning to only perform touch and go or overshoot.

PPR operating procedure

  1. Check scheduled air trafic movement times on EuroAirport’s main apron (see table below).
  2. PPR request has to be sent by mail to, don’t forget to attach the request form to the mail
  3. Stand reservation is mandatory for all non-based VFR flights
  4. After approval by airport authorities, applicant must report the PPR number in box 18 of the flight plan
  5. Apron Control department must be informed of all time changings or cancellations of the flight plan


  • All aircraft planning to land and park on EuroAirport’s apron must have a Ground Handling Agent.
  • The approval of the PPR request by the airport authorities does not include the official handling request, except if EuroAirport is the desired handler.

Ground Handlers at EuroAirport

Ground Handlers on the main apron
EuroAirport (basic handling only):
Apron Control Service
Phone: +33 (0)3 89 90 33 33 // +41 (0)61 325 33 33

Phone: +33 (0)3 89 90 23 85
Fax: +33 (0)3 89 90 23 87

Ground Handlers on their private aprons
Air Service Basel (ASB):
Phone: +41 (0)61 567 37 00
Fax: +41 (0)61 567 37 01

Flights which are exempted from PPR procedure:

  • Search and rescue flights
  • Medical and sanitary repatriation flights
  • Governmental flights (i.e. police, diplomatic flights…)
  • Military flights
  • Diverting flights for technical, meteorological, medical or safety reasons (subject to restrictions informed by NOTAM in advance)

Booking rules: PPR request must be done at least 24 hours before intended flight schedule. Apron Control department is authorised to approve or refuse PPR requests at any time.

The following table shows scheduled trafic movement times at Basel-Mulhouse Airport:

Traffic peaks

All of the mentioned times in the table are in UTC TIME. Apron Control department may refuse any requests in case of air trafic overload or unpunctual operation.

Attention: In case of leaving the Airside Area, the return to the aircraft will only be possible under the following rules:

  • Must be accompanied by a Handling Agent or by airport’s chaperon.
  • If passing security check on her/his own, pilot must have a permission delivered by the Airport Authorities or be in possession of another Crew Member Certificate previously validated by the Airport Authorities.

Should your aircraft be parked on the northern apron stands, a shuttle transfer between aircraft and terminal building is mandatory. Please find the costs for this and other services under the following link: Tariff Regulations.

Contact: For any information on PPR requests, please send a mail to The Apron Control department is available from Monday to Sunday between 08h00LT and 17h00LT.