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The measures taken to ensure a safe and pleasant journey can sometimes mean that it takes a little longer today than you are used to at the airport. Allow enough time for check-in, going through security and boarding the aircraft. The airlines may implement further measures than normal. Please check with your airline and arrive at the airport early.

We recommend being at the airport at least 2 hours before departure.

These indications are guidelines; during peak hours, there may be longer waiting times at the security checks. Therefore, we cannot give any guarantee and assume no liability that the observance of the stated time ensures reaching your flight in all cases and thus recommend you to generally arrive at the airport terminal early enough and immediately proceed to the security checks after your check-in.


Check-in counters

  • Check-in the evening before

    On our list of airlines you can discover whether, when and where you can check in and register your luggage in the evening before your departure. In this case you can check in for flights departing before 12.00 noon the following day.

Automatic check-in machines

Avoid queues at the counter and check in at an automatic check-in machine at the airport (only possible for flights of the Air France-KLM group). This is also possible with baggage; to register your baggage, then go to the counter specially marked  "Baggage Drop-off" which is found near the ordinary check-in counters.

Air France, KLM and Hop provide automatic check-in machines at EuroAirport, in the French sector.

Check-in via Internet

Some airlines allow you to check in at home via Internet and print out your boarding pass for your flight yourself. This is done on the website of your airline.

You then register your baggage at the airport at the check-in counter of your flight or when indicated at the specially marked "Baggage Drop-off“ counter which is near the ordinary check-in counters.

The list below shows which of the airlines represented at EuroAirport allow you to check in via Internet:
Check-in – download in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF)

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information