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Refurbishment of the main runway


After decades of flight operations, EuroAirport’s main runway is in need of refurbishment. Construction works are scheduled for spring 2026 and will require a complete closure of the runway for around a month due to safety reasons.

Basel-Mulhouse Airport regularly carries out construction works to ensure safe flight operations. This also includes major maintenance works on the main runway. Such works are scheduled for spring 2026 and involve the refurbishment of the main runway’s central section over a length of 1 500 meters as well as the refurbishment of taxiway Bravo over a length of 2 100 meters. For safety reasons, it will be necessary to close the runway completely for around a month.

The main runway represents one of the Airport’s key infrastructures and is the subject of a perennial maintenance program to ensure the safety of flight operations. Since the main runway was first built in 1953, various construction works were carried out over the past decades: a runway extension to the North in 1978, followed by a refurbishment of the Southern section of the runway, and finally the refurbishment works in the Northern runway section in 2011.

Basel-Mulhouse Airport has two runways. On the main runway with a total length of 3 900 meters, all types of aircraft can take off and land in all weather conditions. 97% of air traffic is handled via this runway. The Airport's secondary runway has a length of 1 715 meters. Its use is suitable for smaller aircraft.

An archaeological survey of the area designated for the construction site was carried out at the end of 2023, which is a prerequisite for carrying out the construction work.

Further information will follow in the course of the project.