EuroAirport is still in operation. But travel is severely restricted by the official measures adopted to contain the further spread of the coronavirus. Restrictive border controls are being applied at the France - Switzerland - Germany border triangle. Please contact your airline to ask about the current status of your flight and any applicable entry regulations in your country of destination or transit.
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Time Expected From Flight no. Status
17:55 Amsterdam KL1989 Cancelled
17:55 Antalya XQ210 Cancelled
18:00 Berlin TXL DS4637 Cancelled
18:10 Frankfurt LH1206 Cancelled
18:20 Nice EC1006 Cancelled
19:15 Hurghada FT3037 Cancelled
19:20 Munich LH2400 Cancelled
19:55 Amsterdam EC1044 Cancelled
Time Expected To Flight no. Status
17:35 Cagliari EC1175 Cancelled
17:45 Pristina DS1187 Cancelled
18:10 Istanbul TK1926 Cancelled
18:10 London LHR BA755 Cancelled
18:25 Amsterdam KL1990 Cancelled
18:35 Ibiza DS1127 Cancelled
18:45 Antalya XQ211 Cancelled
18:50 Frankfurt LH1207 Cancelled

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Parking Status Free
EXP Departure / Arrival / Express open 292
F1 Premium open 187
F4 Car Park open 1954
F3 Proximity open 345
F5 Proximity closed Please follow F4
F6 Remote closed Please follow F4
Parking Status Free
EXP Departure / Arrival / Express open 250
S1 Terminal Car Park open 196
S2 Terminal Zone open 386
S12 Proximity closed Please follow S2
S13 Proximity closed Please follow S2
S4 Remote closed Please follow S2

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    The official EuroAirport app shows current arrivals or departures on launch. In addition, you can add individual flights to a favorites list, allowing direct access to the current status of the flight.

    For every flight, push notifications can be activated to be informed about status changes like delays or boarding times.

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