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Our information on the measures taken at the airport and current flight operations:

ATTENTION: From 1 August 2020, COVID-19 tests will be mandatory at EuroAirport for all passengers (12 years and older) arriving from the following countries: Israel, Serbia and Turkey. Longer waiting times are expected on entry. Thank you for following the instructions of the airport staff.

Last update: 1st August 2020

Time Expected From Flight no. Status
05:10 Paris CDG FX5083
05:15 Liege FX6214
05:15 Cologne Bonn SRN6262
05:15 Brussels QY4908
05:15 Leipzig SOP4904
05:55 Cologne Bonn QY4906
08:10 Bucharest W63089
08:35 Sofia W64323
Time Expected To Flight no. Status
06:00 Olbia DS1171
06:10 Alicante DS1085
06:20 Athens DS1153
06:25 Figari DS1243
06:25 Amsterdam KL1984
06:30 Hamburg DS1023
06:40 Faro DS1167
06:50 Porto DS1131

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Parking Status Free
EXP Departure / Arrival / Express open 292
F1 Premium open 266
F4 Car Park open 1036
F3 Proximity open 211
F5 Proximity open 28
F6 Remote closed Please follow F4
Parking Status Free
EXP Departure / Arrival / Express open 232
S1 Terminal Car Park open 198
S2 Terminal Zone open 145
S12 Proximity open 52
S13 Proximity open 172
S4 Remote closed Please follow S2

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    COVID-19 screening for passengers from countries at risk

    From Saturday 1 August 2020, in accordance with French legislation, mandatory COVID-19 tests will be carried out at EuroAirport for all travelers from countries at risk. At present, this applies to arrivals from Israel, Serbia and Turkey.

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    Basel-Mulhouse Airport welcomes Philippe Knibiely and Sylvain Rousselle

    The first deputy mayor of Saint-Louis, Philippe Knibiely, has succeeded the late Jean-Marie Zoellé on the Board of Directors of EuroAirport. Following Hubert Monzat’s retirement in April 2020, Sylvain Rousselle has taken over as the new French Financial Controller of the binational public institution.

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    Information about travel safety at EuroAirport

    EuroAirport has posted information on its website where travelers and visitors will find an overview of the precautionary measures, current flight situation, and health and safety measures in place at the Airport.

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