Early arrival at the airport is strongly recommended. Travel regulations still apply for many destinations, which require additional controls and can lead to longer waiting times.
Time Expected From Flight no. Status
12:10 12:15 Thessaloniki DS1110
12:15 12:13 Lisbon DS7687
12:40 13:00 Munich LH2396
12:50 13:20 Istanbul SAW PC939
13:25 Frankfurt LH1204
13:25 13:20 Rhodes XR7284
13:45 14:00 Marrakech DS1160
13:50 Nice DS1002
Time Expected To Flight no. Status
12:45 Pristina DS1185 Now boarding
13:05 Tenerife DS1225 Boarding 12:25
13:15 13:30 Munich LH2397 Boarding 12:55
13:30 Madrid DS1115 Boarding 12:50
13:30 14:00 Istanbul SAW PC940 Boarding 12:45
14:00 Fuerteventura DS1221
14:00 Pristina E46051
14:10 Frankfurt LH1205

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Parking Status Free
EXP Departure / Arrival / Express open 233
F1 Premium occupied 0
F4 Car Park open 195
F3 Proximity open 36
F5 Proximity occupied 0
F6 Remote open 706
Parking Status Free
EXP Departure / Arrival / Express open 222
S1 Terminal Car Park open 73
S2 Terminal Zone open 51
S12 Proximity open 35
S13 Proximity open 469
S4 Remote open 974

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  • EuroAirport Skyview Lounge

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    For every flight, push notifications can be activated to be informed about status changes like delays or boarding times.

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