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EuroAirport certified for its contribution to the protection of biodiversity

Airport operations and biodiversity may seem contradictory. However, the measures taken by EuroAirport teams show that it is possible to reconcile airport activities and biodiversity. In this context, nature surveys are carried out as well as various certification processes. In early 2024, EuroAirport’s binational certification for the airport site’s green space management was renewed. At the end of 2023, EuroAirport received an award from the Grand Est Region.

These different certification processes are in line with EuroAirport’s sustainable development policy. Via various measures and its management of green spaces, the Airport attempts to strike a balance between economic objectives, social responsibility and environmental protection.

Biodiversity certifications

In 2017, Basel-Mulhouse Airport initiated a binational certification initiative with the Swiss foundation « Nature & Economie » and the French association « Biodiversité pour tous » associated with the site’s green space management. This initiative is ongoing: The certifications obtained were renewed in 2020, and again in 2024.

The certification process focusses on the following criteria:

  • Land development
  • Wildlife management
  • Present plant species
  • Use of biocides and fertilizers
  • The material used for land and green space management
  • Parking spaces, ground traffic routes and pedestrian walkways
  • Site management and maintenance

These criteria are verified on the basis of the submitted documents and an on-site visit which took place on October 4, 2023.

The two organisations in charge of certification emphasised the airport operator’s genuine commitment to biodiversity: all maintenance work throughout the entire airport site incorporates measures that respect the environment and biodiversity, with differentiated and reasoned management of green spaces implemented within the Airport's various divisions. These efforts must be pursued, in particular with regard to planting and the selection of native species that are adapted to the climate, improving knowledge and sharing information about green spaces to be managed, continuing extensive and natural maintenance, eradicating neophytes and reducing the number of sealed surfaces.

Natural area certification “Espace Nature

Given the work accomplished over many years, the Airport applied to the Grand Est Region and the Agence de l'eau Rhin-Meuse (Rhine-Meuse Water Agency) in 2023. These two organisations periodically confer the "Commune Nature" and "Espace Nature" awards to honour municipalities and organisations in charge of public space management who have taken steps to reduce/eliminate the use of plant protection products (pesticides) for the management of green spaces and roadways. This contributes to preserving the water quality in rivers and groundwater and to the development of biodiversity.

At the end of 2023, the Grand Est Region awarded the level “3 Dragonflies” + the jury's "coup de cœur" to the Airport for its day-to-day management of green spaces.

This award for outstanding achievements aims to honour organisations in charge of managing green spaces that, beyond their general approach (rewarded by levels 1, 2 or 3), are fully committed to particularly ambitious measures to improve biodiversity, water resource management or site management in relation to local issues.