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New interactive tool: Online flight tracks and noise measurement data mapping

In the interest of clear and transparent information, EuroAirport is making a new tool available today, 1st October 2020. Through TraVis, you can now map the flight tracks and noise levels of aircraft arriving and departing from Basel-Mulhouse Airport online.

Basel-Mulhouse Airport operates a network of fix noise measurement points at the Airport and in surrounding municipalities, as well as a mobile noise measurement station. You can now consult the measurements online thanks to TraVis (short for Track Visualisation). Against a choice of map backgrounds, the software provides information on aircraft movements, measuring stations and noise data.

The radar tracks are made available by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC – Direction générale de l'Aviation civile). Publication is therefore subject to certain restrictions: among other things, data is shown with a 30-minute time lag, and visual flight rule flights and military flights, for instance, are not shown.

In addition to current data, TraVis can retrieve and display data retrospectively, dating back up to one month. Moreover, with a simple mouse click, the tool can also show flight plan and weather data, aircraft types, aircraft ascent and descent profiles, as well as level diagrams from the individual measuring stations. You can also call up noise data for individual aircraft movements at freely selectable locations and submit inquiries or complaints about flights directly via TraVis. Read more about this tool here.

The decision to make flight path and noise data available to the public was initiated by a request from the residents’ associations of neighbouring areas and a recommendation from the French regulatory authority ACNUSA (Autorité de Contrôle des Nuisances Aéroportuaires). A corresponding measure was subsequently included in the current PPBE (plan for noise prevention). EuroAirport is now implementing this measure and thereby promoting the principles of sustainability, among which open and transparent monitoring of flight operations constitutes an important element.

You can submit remarks or suggestions relating to TraVis using the contact form on the EuroAirport website.

Discover the new tool at the following link: