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New giant poster on the EuroAirport control tower: Venice – Fascination and Myth – the new special exhibition of kunsthalle messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl

The new giant poster on the EuroAirport control tower announces the new special exhibition Venice – Fascination and Myth, which is taking place from 7 March to 21 June 2020 at kunsthalle messmer in Riegel am Kaiserstuhl.

The 14 by 7 metre giant poster was attached to the control tower by mountaineers this morning, 13 March 2020, in a spectacular roping act. EuroAirport thus emphasises its role as a strategic gateway to the cultural events of the tri-national region, which includes kunsthalle messmer in neighbouring South Baden, Germany.

The special exhibition at kunsthalle messmer presents the city of artists in all its diversity and cultural richness. In addition to historical views, it also shows works of international artists, including Hundertwasser, Salvador Dalí, Joe Tilsohn, Malte Sartorius, Max Peiffer-Watenphul and Horst Janssen.

The special exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of the lagoon city and presents the eventful history of the 1,500-year-old world heritage site. A multimedia installation gives the visitors a fully immersive experience with all the sights and sounds of ‘La Serenissima’, including photographs, prose and poetry by authors such as Thomas Mann, Artur Becker, Joseph Brodsky and Reiner Maria Rilke.

The city of Venice and artists

Venice is the origin and muse of countless iconic works in art history. With its 398 bridges and canals that flow into the sea, the lagoon city creates an inspiring backdrop.

The Renaissance and Venetian school heralded the golden age of painting. The great masters Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and later, Tiepolo, Canaletto and William Turner bear witness to the great artistic past of a city that has since been a magnet for artists of all genres.

Information about the exhibition and kunsthalle messmer is available at

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