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EuroAirport launches awareness campaign about unattended luggage

In recent months, EuroAirport has been partially evacuated several times due to luggage left unattended. The airport is therefore launching a new awareness campaign, reminding passengers not to leave luggage unattended at any time.

Summer time is the main travel season and, on peak days, EuroAirport welcomes up to 33,000 passengers a day. As a result of the higher number of passengers, the airport has had to be partially evacuated several times in succession due to unattended luggage.
For this reason, EuroAirport has now decided to take targeted action against unattended luggage. Leaving luggage unattended has far-reaching consequences. If an abandoned suitcase is found, the border police cordon off a large surrounding area in accordance with the security procedure defined. Since EuroAirport only has one terminal building, the security measures taken have an impact on a large part of the infrastructure.

Everyone bears the consequences
Leaving luggage unattended results in major inconvenience for passengers and airlines, ground staff and airport personnel. Arrivals and departures are delayed and, in extreme cases, passengers may even miss their flights. Everything is done to resume normal operation as soon as possible.

Targeted awareness campaign
EuroAirport makes announcements several times an hour in English, French and German, reminding passengers not to leave their luggage unattended at any time. In addition to this, the airport has now launched a targeted campaign which is also shown on the flight screens to raise passenger awareness.
Taking responsibility
Ensuring the smooth running of the airport for passengers is the top priority for EuroAirport. The airport therefore requests all travellers to take responsibility for their luggage. Leaving luggage unattended is subject to police investigation. Fines can amount to 450 euros.

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