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Corona virus: information for passengers

As a binational airport, EuroAirport is working in close cooperation with the health authorities of France (Agence régionale de santé, ARS) and of Switzerland (Federal Office of Health, Bundesamt für Gesundheit, BAG / Office federal de santé publique, OFSP). Protection of all people and personnel passing through the airport and based at the airport site is a number one priority.

The above-mentioned health authorities are constantly evaluating the situation with regard to development of the virus and are responsible for prescribing the preventive measures to be implemented by EuroAirport. These measures are adjusted by the authorities if and when necessary.

At the request of the health authorities, EuroAirport has implemented a number of measures since the end of January 2020:

  • Awareness campaign in different languages for incoming and outgoing passengers at arrivals and departure levels based on the use of flyers, posters and information on airport screens: passengers are informed about the symptoms of the virus, the precautions they should take and the recommendations of the health authorities concerning behavior and hygiene.
  • Passengers arriving from destinations listed at risk by the health authorities and who indicate to the border control authorities (French and Swiss border police, customs officials) that they have symptoms are provided with a flyer stating that they should not go to a hospital or to a doctor but should contact the emergency services of the country concerned:
    - the SAMU centre via the telephone number 15 for France
    - the COVID-19 hotline on +41 (0)58 464 44 88 for Switzerland
  • Additionally, these passengers can be provided with a mask from the border control authorities if the passengers wish so.
  • Voice announcements at in the arrivals zone drawing attention to the information campaign in place.

For all other information, please consult the following specific web sites of the health authorities: (France) (Switzerland)

For information concerning your flight, please contact the airline or the tour operator concerned.