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Attention: New express car park on the Swiss side and new access routes

The new car park on the Swiss side of the airport was put into service on Friday, 20 December 2019. Il allows free parking for the first 20 minutes, is located at a short walking distance from the airport building and offers 250 more spacious parking spaces (235 for the public, 15 for limousines).

Within 20 minutes, car park users can load and unload free of charge and drive directly to the exit using the entrance ticket without passing by the pay station. Motorists also benefit from a more efficient access to the airport and avoid congestion or traffic jams in front of the airport building.

The new car park reduces considerably the congestion on the access routes in front of the airport. As a result of the new access routes, private vehicles are no longer allowed to drive to the departure and arrival levels. Only buses, taxis and authorized vehicles can do so.

In order to accompany the operational transition to the new access system on the Swiss side, EuroAirport has increased the number of staff on the ground and improved its signage. For enquiries, please contact the airport staff present on the car park.