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IFR Departures

Flight procedures

For each runway and departure direction, there are clearly defined procedures according to the instrument flight rules - so-called SID "Standard Instrument Departures" - to reach the connection points to the overlying airways.These are the virtual waypoints LUMELMOROK and TORPA in the west, LASAT in the north, ELBEG in the east and OLBEN in the south. The points LASAT and OLBEN can also be approached in a so-called direct take-off. Before 2019, instead of the waypoints TORPAMOROKLASAT and OLBEN, the waypoints BASUDHOCGTQ and STR existed. Aircraft can also depart following an omnidirectional departure procedure (OMNI).

Further information on flight procedures can be found in the AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) on our page Operating Restrictions.

Current IFR Departures

Refer to our online tool TraVis for current flight tracks and noise measurements.
Statistics on noise and aircraft movements can be found on WebReporting.