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This page provides an overview of entry and exit restrictions in France, Switzerland and Germany.

The situation in terms of border crossing restrictions in Europe, the EFTA countries, and elsewhere, is evolving rapidly and the following information is therefore merely indicative. The Airport assumes no responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in such information, or for any associated consequential damages. Please consult your airline and the websites of the relevant countries for information about their current prescriptions.

Useful up-to-date information is available at, in French at and in German at

Follow the travel advisories of the countries:
> Travel advice for Switzerland: Travel advice EDA
> Travel advice for France: Conseils aux Voyageurs (in French only)
> Travel advice for Germany: Reise- und Sicherheitshinweise (in German only)
> Travel advice Europe: Overview of all countries

Last update: 07/04/2022

Important travel information linked to the binational status of EuroAirport

Passengers with Swiss citizenship or a residence permit for Switzerland are subject to Swiss regulations. All other passengers – including tourist travellers and German residents – must comply with French regulations. Prepare thoroughly for your journey by ensuring that you are aware of and comply with the current rules and have all the required documents ready at the airport checkpoints.
+++ News +++
Entry rules for Switzerland:
No vaccination or recovery certificates or test results (neither PCR nor antigen test) are required for entry into Switzerland. Also, an entry form no longer needs to be presented.
This applies at EuroAirport for all passengers with Swiss citizenship or a residence permit for Switzerland, for all others the French rules apply.
However, continue to observe the applicable entry restrictions of the State Secretariat for Migration.
The interactive travel check tool shows you what rules apply to you.

Entry rules for France:
France is using a colour system to indicate the health situation of each country; currently, all countries are either on the "green" or "amber" list, each with different regulations:

The following rules currently apply:
If you are entering from a "green" country:
  • Vaccinated: Proof of vaccination
  • Non-vaccinated: Negative PCR test result < 72 hours or antigen test result < 48 hours or a valid certificate of recovery
If you are entering from an "amber" country:

At EuroAirport, due to its binational status, the following French travel regulations are currently in force for ALL ARRIVING AND DEPARTING PASSENGERS (except for passengers with Swiss citizenship or a residency permit for Switzerland):

+++ Vaccinations +++

Full vaccination status is accepted by many countries as a means of gaining entry without the need for additional testing. Currently however, a valid, negative Covid test, (a PCR or rapid antigen test), is still required to enter certain destinations.
Due to the rapidly changing nature of the situation, please check the applicable rules with the authorities of the destination country in question. Please also refer to the rules of the individual countries in respect of vaccines and the appropriate proof of vaccination.

Mandatory face masks
As EuroAirport is subject to French Covid regulations, protective face masks are still mandatory on airport buses save for children under 11. Please observe the regulations of your airline regarding the obligation to wear a mask in the aircraft.

  • We have compiled a list of FAQs with answers to travellers’ most important questions. Please consult the FAQs before you contact us.
  • Travellers are strongly advised to contact their respective airlines before setting off on their trip for information about flights and existing restrictions on entry at their destinations.
  • The Information Desk and Airport Service Centre are open daily from 5.30 am to 12.00 pm.

Data subject to change. Changes may occur without previous notice.