Rates for people with disabilities

Parking at our minute stops (with parking meters; available on the Swiss side only) is free, provided that the handicapped ID is displayed clearly visible behind the front shield. The length of stay is limited to 2 hours.

For all other car parks (except the Express Parking on the French side), 1 day of parking is free and will be deducted from your length of stay (except online reservations).

Express Parking (French side): The length of stay is limited to 4 hours. A deduction for people with disabilities is not granted.

The deduction cannot exceed the parking fees owed according to the current tariff regulations.

To benefit from this deduction, the following documents need to be presented at the central pay desk in the arrival hall of the terminal:
- Proof of the appropriate disabled marks of the vehicle
- Handicapped ID
- Vehicle registration certificate
- Entry ticket of the parking lot

Only one single deduction per day and handicapped ID will be granted.

There are a limited number of reserved parking spaces designated for use by customers with disabilities. Official disabled person license plates must be prominently displayed in order to park in these reserved spaces.

There is no shuttle bus travelling between car parks and the terminal. If you need assistance to cover the distance, please contact CGS, our service provider for people with disabilities, before departure (see contact page), which will help you organize the required aids.