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  1. What are the opening hours of the car parks?

    The car parks are accessible 24 hours a day.

  2. What are the opening hours of the parking service?

    The parking service staff is present from 04:00 until 24:00 daily.

  3. How to park?

    The process of parking is as follows: When entering the parking of your choice you will have to take a ticket marked with date and time. This ticket should be conserved during your trip and used to pay fees at one of our ticket machines on your return. We recommend keeping the parking ticket with you and paying the parking fee at the airport terminal before returning to the car park.

    Parking tickets are marked with the number of the parking used. F1 to F6 are located on the French side, S1 to S13 on the Swiss side.

    We guarantee free passage at our car parks within 10 minutes (from entrance parking meter to exit parking meter).

  4. Is it possible to make a reservation for a parking space, and are all car parks available at any time?

    Reservations are possible for certain parkings; you can book your space on the French side or on the Swiss side.

    With an advance reservation we guarantee the availability of a parking space.

    After payment, you will receive a confirmation email containing a QR code. If you have entered your licence number upon your reservation and the number plate could be read correctly at the parking entrance, a ticket allowing you access will be issued by the machine. If not, the QR code needs to be scanned at the ticket machine when entering the parking, and a ticket allowing you access will then be issued.

  5. What is the distance from the car parks to the airport terminal?

    French side: For short term parking, use the Express Parking (EXP) in immediate proximity of the terminal. Parking there is free for a duration of 20 minutes from entry to exit, and the maximum time of stay is 4 hours.

    Swiss side: Directly in front of the terminal there is a zone strictly restricted to drop-off as well as a parking meter zone with a maximum stay of 2 hours.

    Car parks F1 on the French side and S1 on the Swiss side are directly connected with the terminal. As they are covered, their height is limited to 1.95 meter.

    Car park S2 at the Swiss side is located next to the terminal.

    Car parks F3, F4 and F5 at the French side are located at about 200-300 meters from the terminal. On marked foots paths you will need about 5 minutes by foot.

    The long stay car parks S3, S4 at the Swiss side and F6 at the French side are located at about 500 meters from the terminal. On marked foot paths you will need about 10 minutes by foot.

    There is no shuttle bus travelling between car parks and the terminal.

  6. Can I park on the Swiss and on the French side?

    The EuroAirport is a binational airport with a French and a Swiss sector. Tariffs are calculated according to living costs in both countries.

    Your car can be parked on either side (on the Swiss or on the French side). To cross the border from one country to the other you will need to use a border crossing beyond the airport site as there is no crossing for vehicles directly at the airport.

    Your check in can be made at the Swiss or the French side as to your ticket. Passengers and visitors holding valid travelling documents can cross the Swiss-French border in the departure hall on the 3rd floor of the terminal.

    The check-in for British Airways and EasyJet is to be made via the Swiss sector.

  7. How to find EuroAirport with my GPS?

    The airport has no street address. Most GPS will find us though if you search e.g. for "Basel airport" or "EuroAirport".

    Alternatively, you can use the following coordinates:

    Swiss side, roundabout on the airport access road (follow the signs to the airport afterwards):
    N 47°34.491'
    E 07°33.747'

    French side, roundabout on the airport entryway:
    N 47°36.243'
    E 07°31.819'

    Please bear in mind that you can park on the Swiss or the French side, and enter the required location into your GPS.

  8. Can I park a camping car at the airport?

    The parking of habitable vehicles (caravans, camping cars etc.) as well as vehicles with trailers on the premises of the airport is forbidden (article 11 of the French "arrêté préfectoral").

  9. Is there a two-wheeler parking at EuroAirport?

    Two-wheelers can be parked free of charge in the covered car parks F1 (French side) or S1 (Swiss side).

    To access F1 you will have to cross the footpath next to the exit parking meter.

    To access S1 follow the indications TERMINAL, then ARRIVEE/ANKUNFT. The space for two-wheelers is located opposite to the parking entrance.

  10. How can I pay?

    By cash on the French and the Swiss side
    Payment by cash can be effected at the ticket machines in the arrival hall, level 2.

    By credit card
    French side:
    VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro International credit cards are taken by all ticket machines and at the exit barriers.

    Swiss side:
    VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Maestro credit cards are taken by all ticket machines.

    Payment has to be effected on the side where you have parked your car (eg. French side). In the Swiss sector payment is to be made in Swiss Francs, in the French sector in Euros.

  11. General information

    For further information please call us at +33 (0)3 89 90 79 09 or +41 (0)61 325 79 09 (7 days a week from 4:00 am to 12 pm).