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  1. Where is the airport located?

    EuroAiport is located in France, in the tri-national Upper Rhine Region, i.e. very near to Switzerland and to Germany.

  2. Can I cross the border between France and Switzerland inside the airport without a ticket?

    Yes, you can cross the border between France and Switzerland inside the airport terminal, even if you have no ticket. You just need a valid passport or identity card. The cross-over point is situated at Departure level (level 3) and is open from 4.00 am until 30 minutes after the last arrival (approx. 00.30am).

    However, there is no possibility to cross the border between the carparks.

  3. Are there multiple exits for arriving passengers (France / Switzerland)?

    Yes; the airport consists of two separate parts, a French part and a Swiss part.
    Arriving passengers can choose freely if they want to leave the baggage claim area for France or for Switzerland. The respective exits are clearly marked.

  4. Are there direct bus connections between EuroAirport and Basel, Mulhouse and Freiburg?

    Yes. You can find the relevant information under "Passengers", then "Access", then "By bus".

  5. Can the EuroAirport give me information about flight prices?

    Unfortunately, the EuroAirport does not have information about ticket prices. Please contact your travel agency or the airline of your choice.

  6. Can you recommend a hotel near to the EuroAirport?

    For hotel information, please contact the Tourist Information centre in Mulhouse (Tel. +33 3 89 35 48 48) or Basel (Tel. +41 61 268 68 68).

  7. How much will it cost me to park my car at the EuroAirport?

    You can find this information under Passengers, then Parking, then Tariffs.

  8. What languages are spoken at the EuroAirport?

    The usual languages are French and German at EuroAirport and in the region around us. We also speak English as the international language of airlines and airports.

  9. What currency is accepted at the EuroAirport?

    In the French sector of the airport, it is usual to pay in Euros, in the Swiss sector in Swiss Francs.

  10. How much does it cost to use a luggage trolley at EuroAirport? What type of currency do I need?

    The use of luggage trolleys at EuroAirport is free of charge.

  11. Are there any lockers at EuroAirport?

    For security reasons we unfortunately cannot provide this service.

  12. Is there a location for events on a larger scale at EuroAirport?

    Yes, there is a unique location for events, receptions, cocktails and banquets at the airport: On a platform in the departure hall on the Swiss side, offering a panoramic view over the airport, there is the "Luminator", an impressive illuminated sculpture of the well-known Swiss artist Jean Tinguely. The open space around the "Luminator" is especially suited for cocktails and presentations for up to 300 people and also offers room for banquets or festivities.

  13. How can I apply for a job or training period at the EuroAirport?

    Please send your application to the following address:

    Human Resource Department
    Aéroport de Bâle-Mulhouse
    F-68304 Saint-Louis Cedex

    Human Resource Department
    Flughafen Basel-Mulhouse
    CH-4030 Basel

    Please note that your application will take some time to process and that we have many applications for a small number of positions.