UEFA Europa League 2016 at EuroAirport

-     80 additional aircraft over 3 days
-     special waiver on night flight ban for the night of 18 May 2016

On 18 May 2016, the final of the Europa League 2016 will take place between football teams from Liverpool and Seville at the Saint-Jacques stadium in Basel. A large number of supporters from both teams will be arriving on additional charter flights at EuroAirport for the match in the city of Basel. An additional 80 aircraft are expected to arrive at EuroAirport for the event, spread over three days from 17 to 19 May 2016.

In order to ensure smooth traffic operations and efficient passenger flow, EuroAirport's management has put measures in place and adapted its infrastructure accordingly. These measures include the introduction of a time slot coordination system to manage traffic, use of the East-West runway (26/08) as an extra parking area and increased security check capacities. There will also be an increase in the number of personnel working in the various areas at the airport (around 200 additional staff in all).

Following provisions for similar events (such as EURO 2008) and at the request of the Swiss authorities, the Prefect of the Upper Rhine has consented to a waiver on the night flight ban for the night after the final.

The waiver has been sought in the light of public order considerations, to allow supporters with no overnight accommodation to return home after the match.

In view of this exceptional measure, flights related to this event will be authorized to take off between midnight and 5 am, before resumption of regular flights on the morning of 19 May. The decision to authorize a waiver of the night flight ban does not represent a general relaxation on the ban of night-time flights at Basel-Mulhouse Airport in any way.

At this point in time, EuroAirport expects there to be 40 movements during the night of 18 May, between 1 am and 5 am, although this number may still change. The types of additional aircraft vary between Airbus A 319 and Boeing B 747. The restrictions in force at EuroAirport concerning aircraft noise levels have been rigorously applied. Four planes have been refused due to their noise levels.

Since the East-West runway (26/08) will be used to park aircraft and for air security reasons, take-offs during the night of 18 May 2016 will take place from the main North-South runway (15/33) towards the south, unless weather conditions dictate otherwise. According to the ministerial decree in force at EuroAirport concerning night-time noise protection measures (press release of 6 August 2015), aircraft will be obliged to use the entire length of the runway for take-offs between 10 pm and 7 am.

EuroAirport management is aware that residents living near the airport may be disturbed by these exceptional flights and thanks them for their understanding give the international importance of this unique sport event.