The year 2012 at EuroAirport

Another record year for passenger traffic, a year rich in projects

With more than 5.3 million passengers at the end of 2012, EuroAirport has recorded the highest number of passengers since its creation in 1946 for the second year running, posting growth up 6% on 2011 (5.05 million). By contrast the number of movements (take-offs and landings) dropped slightly (-0.3%), with 87,355 movements compared to 87,583 in 2011. This is due to the use of larger aircraft and improved occupancy rates.

Freight business, on the other hand, dropped by 9% at the end of 2012, with an overall posting of 94,000 tons (compared to 103,000 tons in 2011).
Two factors are responsible for the decline: an economic situation which is less favourable for goods transport, and the sustained year-long loss of three full freighter flights due to the closure of the main runway to large freight carriers during the two months of repair work (3 May - 9 July 2011).
Express freight was up 2% at the end of 2012.

In 2012, EuroAirport passengers were able to take advantage of 8 new scheduled flight destinations (Belgrade, Brussels, Faro, Larnaca, London City, Santiago de Compostela, Skopje and Varna) and 8 new charter flight destinations (Bodrum, Cancun, Cape Verde – Boa Vista/Sal -, Dubrovnik, Funchal, Punta Cana and Usedom).
The increase in flights to some destinations reflects the quality of the current portfolio and a strong inclination to travel on the part of the region’s population. The visitor market is also on the rise, accounting for 30% of passengers.

Among the highlights of 2012:
  • Completion of modernisation work on Halls 2 and 3 and the opening of the new enlarged cross-border passageway on the 3rd floor of the airport terminal building
  • Start of construction work on the business center conducted by the Chamber of Commerce of South Alsace Mulhouse on 5th floor of Hall 1, due to go into service in April 2013
  • Decision to build the new Cargo Terminal with controlled temperature infrastructure in the southeast area of the airport (Zone 4) representing an investment of over 40 million euros
  • Concrete progress was made in the rail link project, including:
    • Official publication of the project the French Rail Network [Réseau Ferré de France (RFF)], Alsace region and EuroAirport on 22 May 2012 in compliance with the French Environmental Law
    • Exhibitions on the rail link project organised by EAP EXPRESS, the EuroAirport rail link project promotion association, in Lörrach, Freiburg im Breisgau, Basel City and Strasbourg.
  • Several environmental projects, including:
    • Publication of air quality campaign results
    • Setting up of a mobile noise measuring station at Buschwiller
    • Use of solar panels on the catering building to generate hot water
    • On-line information about current landing, take-offs and weather forecasts
  • Opening of a third large-capacity hangar by AMAC Aerospace in Zone 6 bis.

For 2013, EuroAirport is delighted to announce the launch of several new scheduled flight destinations:  easyJet will be serving Antalya and Catania, Air France Calvi and Figari and TUIFly Dalaman. In addition to this, there will be more flights for some destinations: Catania with airberlin (3x weekly, +1), Berlin (5x daily, +1), Bordeaux (7x weekly, +1), Edinburgh (5x weekly, +1), Nice (13x weekly, +1) with easyJet and Amsterdam (3x daily, +1) with KLM. With regard to new charter flights, passengers will find Tel Aviv with TUIFly, Palma with Germania, Antalya with SunExpress and Bastia with Travel Europe.

In its forecasts for 2013, EuroAirport envisages a modest increase in passenger traffic of around 3%, corresponding to 5.5 million passengers, and a growth in freight business of approx. 4% (98,000 tons).

For more information: EuroAirport Press Release