Repair work on the main North-South (15/33) runway: non-stop day and night between 3 May and 9 July 2011 – no effect on passenger traffic

Repairs to the main North-South (15/33) runway of EuroAirport will be carried out day and night between 3 May and 9 July 2011. Passenger traffic will remain unaffected.

The repair work consists of replacing the centre slabs across a width of 18 metres along 1530 metres of the north section of the runway. This work is necessary as construction defects of a technical nature were established following repairs to the main runway in 2006: non-compliant surface condition and cracks in the replaced slabs. The airport was unable to accept the work for this reason and the group of companies responsible for carrying out the work must remedy the defects.

The main repairs will be carried out along 1530 metres of the runway from 3 May to 9 July during the day and at night, the noisiest work being mainly conducted during the day. Repair work will be preceded by preparatory stages from 4 April to 2 May, between midnight and 5 a.m. and will be completed in a final stage from 10 July to 31 August 2011, between midnight and 5 a.m.

As far as air traffic is concerned, residents in the vicinity of the airport will notice changes in the take-off and landing paths due to displacement of the runway threshold towards of the South.

During the major repair phase (3 May – 9 July 2011), the altitudes for aircraft using the main runway will be increased by 80 metres for landings from the North (on runway 15) and lowered by a maximum of 80 metres for southbound take-offs. Altitudes will be lowered by 80 to 100 metres for landings from the South (on runway 33) and increased by a minimum of 80 metres for take-offs towards the North.

Furthermore, as the instrument landing systems - ILS 15 and ILS 33 - will be out of commission between 3 May and 9 July 2011, approaches and landings on the main runway from the South will follow a visual manoeuvring procedure, that is according to the flight paths in force before the introduction of the ILS 33 in December 2007.

In principle, from 3 May to 9 July 2011, jumbo jets (e.g. B747) will be unable to land on the runway due to its shortening for repairs, with the exception of touch-downs for maintenance or when empty.

The management of EuroAirport will ensure that certain noise control measures will be put into place: demolition work mainly during the day, choice of a demolition technique that disperses noise impact, erection of a mobile noise-inhibiting screen during the works, installation of a specific construction site noise measuring system.

The 15/33 runway is the main runway at Basel-Mulhouse Airport and is 3900 metres long and 60 metres wide. The original runway, 2370 metres in length, was built between 1951 and 1953. The 1530 metre north extension dates from 1978.

Over the first three months of 2011, EuroAirport has been used by more than 900,000 passengers. This represents an increase of 27% compared to the same period in the previous year. With around 6,400 jobs on the plaform, EuroAirport is a major regional player. Thanks to its offering of more than 80 direct scheduled flights, it provides the local population and visitors with a wide range of European destinations and several daily intercontinental connections via the main air traffic hubs: Amsterdam, Berlin-Tegel, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London, Munich, Paris and Vienna.