Publication of the rail link project

On Tuesday, 22 May 2012, the project for the new rail link at EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg will be officially published in the French press. This publication, which is carried out according to the French Environmental Code (article L.121-8 II and articles R.121-1 and R.121-2), represents an important stage in the advancement of the project for the EuroAirport rail link.

It meets the requirements of the articles of the French Environmental Code which stipulate that any project for a new line of less than 20 kilometres and costing between 150 and 300 million euros must be “published” and made accessible for a period of two months.

As the project continues, it is planned to extend the consultation arrangements to groups other than the main stakeholders who are already involved. The intention is to set up a mechanism for public information and involvement which will incorporate the tri-national aspect of the project. The consultation arrangements planned for the entire study phase which will follow the publication phase, and leading to the enquiry preceding the Declaration of Public Utility of the project, are also presented in the publication document.

Established by the project owners, the French rail network Réseau Ferré de France and Basel-Mulhouse Airport, in association with the Alsace Region, as part of its role as organising authority for regional passenger transport, the publication document specifies the essential characteristics of the project adopted by the steering committee on 5 December 2011: the creation of a section of track of approximately six kilometres, constructed as a diversion from the existing Mulhouse-Basel line, and a station built in direct contact with the airport terminal.

For more information: EuroAirport Press Release
Download of the publication document in French and German: EuroAirport Press Release