New giant poster on the EuroAirport control tower: Woman in the works of Picasso

The major special exhibition of kunsthalle messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl

The new giant poster on the EuroAirport control tower announces the new special exhibition Woman in the works of Picasso, which runs from 24 June to 12 November 2017 at kunsthalle messmer in Riegel am Kaiserstuhl. Around 130 of Picasso’s works from major private and public collections are presented. They are complemented in an exemplary and unique manner by original works of the women in Picasso’s life, who also pursued the arts.

The 14 by 7 metre giant poster, attached to the control tower by mountaineers this morning, 1 June 2017, was unveiled in the presence of Jürgen A. Messmer, Presiden of the messmer foundation and Vivienne Gaskell, Head of Communications. EuroAirport thus emphasises its role as a strategic gateway to the cultural events of the tri-national region, which includes kunsthalle messmer in neighbouring South Baden, Germany.

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