New giant poster on the EuroAirport control tower: Sculpture on the Move 1946 – 2016 – the grand inaugural exhibition at the new and enlarged Kunstmuseum Basel

The new giant poster on the EuroAirport control tower heralds the opening of the extended Kunstmuseum Basel which will take place in mid-April with the major special exhibition Sculpture on the Move 1946 – 2016. The Blue Red Rocker by recently deceased American artist Ellsworth Kelly from 1963 is part of the special exhibition from 19 April to 18 September 2016.

The 14 by 7 metre giant poster, attached to the control tower by mountaineers this morning, 7 April 2016, was unveiled in the presence of Stefan Charles, Commercial Director of Kunstmuseum Basel and Vivienne Gaskell, Head of Communications at EuroAirport. EuroAirport thus emphasizes its role as a strategic gateway to the cultural events of the tri-national region, including the opening of the extended Kunstmuseum Basel.

Linking air and surface transport with a diversified flight plan, EuroAirport offers regular connections to explore the cultural treasures of the tri-national region, promoting their international appeal. Kunstmuseum Basel is one of the most prestigious museums in the world.

And the long-awaited day is fast approaching: the grand opening of the enlarged Kunstmuseum Basel will take place in mid-April. Opposite the restored main building, the new extension designed by the Basel architects Christ & Gantenbein is to open its doors after years of planning and construction. Along with Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart, formerly the Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Kunstmuseum Basel is now housed in three locations.

Marking the inaugural celebrations, all three locations will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the Open House event on 17 and 18 April. Admission is free. Also open to the public is the major special exhibition Sculpture on the Move 1946 – 2016.

The exhibition will map the medium’s extraordinarily dynamic evolution: the classical idea and form of sculpture grows more flexible and abstract as some artists integrate the trivial stuff of everyday life into their art or blur its spatial and conceptual boundaries, even as others return to the figurative tradition in an effort to set the genre on a new solid foundation.

The new giant tower poster on the EuroAirport control tower shows the Blue Red Rocker by recently deceased American artist Ellsworth Kelly from 1963.

On 17 and 18 April, the Barnett Newmann – Drawings and Prints exhibition will also be freely accessible to the public. A varied range of refreshments will be available at numerous food stands from the Markthalle Basel in the outdoor area between the main building and the new building.

The giant poster heralding the opening of the extended Kunstmuseum Basel is the latest in the line of various motifs displayed on the airport control tower:

-     The “Frozen North” polar bear, drawing attention to the prestigious Mulhouse Zoo project (June 2015)
-    “IBA Basel 2020 – Growing Together across Borders” in support of the 2013 IBA Project Exhibition (September 2013)
-    the Ariane rocket, referring to the m2A local government association’s presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities in France (April 2013)
-    “Freiburg Green City” which illustrated EuroAirport’s geographical proximity to Freiburg im Breisgau and the close ties with the Black Forest (June 2010)
-    the cornfields of Provence, a luminescent painting by Van Gogh, drawing attention to the exhibition entitled “Vincent van Gogh – Between Earth and Heaven”, in the Kunstmuseum Basel (April 2009)
-    the railway locomotive from the Mulhouse “Cité du Rail” collection (March 2005)
-    the Fernet Branca Eagle (“Musée d’Art Contemporain”, Saint-Louis, October 2004)
-    the Tutankhamun Mask (exhibition in the Basel Museum of Antiquities, May 2004).

The new poster is yet another building block in an innovative communication approach designed to highlight EuroAirport's central position at the intersection of the three countries.
For information about the extended Kunstmuseum Basel:www.kunstmuseumbasel.ch

Photos of the unveiling ceremony: Photos - ZIP (16.10 Mo)