EuroAirport to examine increased noise protection measures

EuroAirport aims to further increase noise protection after 11 p.m. and thus meet the needs of people living near the airport with regard to night-time rest.  In order to be able to ensure the rapid adoption of effective measures, the airport is taking a proactive approach. It is requesting the French transport ministry (French Civil Aviation Authority/DGAC) to authorize the examination of additional noise protection measures enabling reduction of noise generated by airport operations after 11 p.m.  All key airport partners, including community representatives, airline companies, residents and resident associations in particular, will be actively involved in the process. This approach emphasizes that the airport strategy is built around sustainable development.

EuroAirport is a key location factor in the business and residential area of the three country region: its infrastructure enables daily flights to all major European centres. It is a national hub for goods, people and industrial activities. As such, the airport creates thousands of jobs.

The rising demand for air connections is already increasing bottlenecks in the passenger terminal building and with regard to aircraft stands at EuroAirport. Long-term solutions are under study and short-term capacity adjustments are already taking place.

As a responsible company, EuroAirport is committed to ensure that the airport develops according to the principles of sustainability, which gives equal importance to economic, social and environmental issues. The needs of people living around the airport for night-time rest is one aspect to which EuroAirport attaches particular importance.

Action plan noise protection measures between 11 p.m. and midnight already in place

In the spring of this year, EuroAirport defined two objectives with regard to the number of flight movements between 11 p.m. and midnight by the end of 2019. These targets are part of the projected French environmental noise prevention plan (“Plan de prévention du bruit dans l’environnement PPBE”) 2018-2022, which is currently undergoing public consultation. The first objective is to reduce by half the number of take-offs to the south, the second objective aims to stabilize flight movements. EuroAirport is endeavouring to achieve both targets in partnership with the airline companies.

An initial evaluation shows that at least one of the two targets will be very hard to reach. This is due to factors beyond the control of the airport leading to delays in aircraft rotations and an increase in the number of flights between 11 p.m. and midnight. The airport must therefore immediately investigate additional noise-reducing measures.

EuroAirport proactively aims to increase noise protection after 11 p.m.

To achieve this aim, EuroAirport is requesting the French transport ministry (French Civil Aviation Authority/DGAC) for authorization to launch the necessary studies. Possible measures range from addressing the noise source by reducing aircraft noise emissions for example and might include changing flight programming conditions after 11 p.m.

The examination of additional measures will take place in line with EU Regulation 598/2014 involving a process based on the principles of a balanced approach and which is applicable to all airports in the European Union. The additional measures will be analyzed for their environmental impact, economic consequences and operational implications for air traffic. A public consultation procedure followed by information submitted to the European Commission will take place before implementation. The final decision will be taken by the French transport ministry.

Until additional measures can be implemented, the airport will continue to work at full speed on achieving the objectives for which it is responsible within the framework of the French environment noise prevention plan 2018-2022: reducing by half the number of take-offs to the south and stabilizing the number of flight movements between 11 p.m. and midnight by the end of 2019. The airport will continue to work in partnership with the airline companies to reach both these targets.