EuroAirport signs an agreement with SDIS 68

On Monday 13 January 2014, at an official ceremony, Jean-Pierre Lavielle, President of the Board of Directors of EuroAirport signed an agreement with SDIS 68 (the Upper Rhine departmental fire and emergency services) represented by Dominique Dirrig, President of the Board of Directors of SDIS 68. The agreement was signed in the presence of colonel Pierre Almand, Director of the Upper Rhine departmental fire and emergency services, lieutenant-colonel  Alphonse Hartmann, President of UDSP 68 (Upper Rhine Departmental Fire
Fighters’ Union), Jürg Rämi, Director of EuroAirport and Vincent Devauchelle, Deputy Director, several members of the EuroAirport management team and operations managers of SSLIA (Airport Emergency Fire Brigade).

The agreement between EuroAirport and SDIS 68 stipulates the terms of deployment for EuroAirport employees, who in addition to their work at the airport are also engaged as voluntary fire fighters. The agreement stipulates deployment on the two following levels.

-    It allows non-SSLIA voluntary fire fighters to intervene in the event of fire or serious accidents in the region

-    It allows all voluntary fire fighters working at EuroAirport to participate in training courses organized by SDIS 68

EuroAirport has several voluntary fire fighters working in different departments and among its 40 fire fighters making up the Airport Emergency Fire Brigade. Signing the partnership agreement with SDIS 68 demonstrates the airport’s supportive role in local community life, thus contributing to the region’s network of mutual support.

The agreement also encourages and strengthens the commitment of the voluntary fire fighters who demonstrate on a daily basis that courage and devotion to duty are values that continue to be of great relevance today.