EuroAirport's new 6-storey F4 car park takes shape, due to open in the 2nd quarter of 2017

Under construction since mid-January 2016, the new F4 car park is the first multi-storey public car park at EuroAirport. It represents an investment of 24 million euro and is due to open in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

The new F4 car park meets two objectives: growing passenger volumes and the need to anticipate on future works related to the new rail link, which will reduce the capacity of the existing car parks. The F4 car park is thus one of airport's first future development projects on the city side of the airport building.

Located 300 metres from the airport passenger terminal on the French side, the new multi-storey car park will provide passengers with the convenience of a covered six-storey car park with more than 2,700 well-lit parking spaces within a short distance. In addition, the F5 outdoor car park has been completely redesigned to offer 700 parking spaces. Taken together, the F4 and F5 car parks offer a total of 3,400 car park spaces, i.e. 2,000 more than the original F5 car park (1,500 spaces).

After issuing a call for tenders, EuroAirport management commissioned the Gagnepark/DeA Architects/Eiffage/Clemessy/Egis/Socotec group to design and build the new F4 multi-storey car park and renovate the existing F5 outdoor car park. The project presented by the Gagnepark group was selected for its functionality and access. Other factors included the architectural, urban and landscape integration, ease of maintenance and the quality and sustainability of the materials used.

The harmonious façades are the hallmark of the new F4 car park, reflecting light both during the day and at night which reduces visually the mass of the building. Special features include ease of access from the courtyard, public spaces, pathways and original greenery. A network of galvanized steel masts will support climbing plants on the courtyard, interior parking ramps and the adjacent F5 car park and serve as landscaped signage. The areas around the building will be screened by greenery including tall trees.

The new multi-storey car park also takes account of environmental, bioconstruction and green management requirements. Rainwater management, for instance, will exclude disposal via the city waste water system thanks to new infiltration basins and the renovation of existing ones. In addition, the building site backfill was re-used after screening and the steel required was mostly recycled.