EuroAirport delighted with further important milestone towards tax issue settlement

EuroAirport is delighted with the joint declaration issued on Saturday, 23 January 2016 by François Hollande, President of France, and Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, President of the Swiss Confederation.

The declaration lays the foundation for a long-term solution to all four items on the tax agenda, including the previously unsettled key issue of the tax system to be applied to Swiss companies implanted in the Swiss sector of the EuroAirport site. In the next step, details of the agreement will be elaborated in the form of an international treaty to be ratified by France and Switzerland.

The declaration of 23 January 2016 is a further crucial milestone towards securing the attractiveness of the EuroAirport site in the long term. It envisages initiation of negotiations on the elaboration of a treaty between the two governments at the beginning of 2016. The treaty would provide companies at the airport with a guarantee of long-term legal stability. The airport site would then be able to develop further and the more than 6,000 direct jobs generated at the site would be secured for the entire tri-national area.

Basel-Mulhouse Airport is a vital hub for the entire tri-national region of the Upper Rhine and is of key socio-economic importance. EuroAirport's Management thanks all its partners, in France and Switzerland, at local and national level, for their commitment as well as their past and future support in driving towards a settlement of this complex issue and looks forward to ratification of the announced treaty in the near future.

Text of the joint declaration of 23 January 2016