EuroAirport Board of Directors visits Porrentruy: enhancing links with Jura

Friday, 28 October 2016, EuroAirport Board of Directors visited Porrentruy at the initiative of Michel Probst, former Minister of Economy and Cooperation of the Republic and Canton of Jura. Michel Probst joined the Board of Directors at EuroAirport on 1 January 2016 in an advisory role on the proposal of the Cantons of Basel-City and Basel-Country.

Close to the French border, Porrentruy is the second largest city in the Canton of Jura. Invited by the town council to organize a working session there, the members of the Board of Directors of EuroAirport were able to exchange ideas with representatives of the government and Canton of Jura on the importance of EuroAirport for the Jura Basin in terms of accessibility, economic development and promotion of the attractiveness of the region. For EuroAirport, the Canton of Jura is part of its sphere of influence and a key partner in terms of political and economic cooperation. With more than 150 companies on site, EuroAirport is an important source of jobs for the Canton of Jura.

Despite its low population (72,000), the Canton of Jura has an above-average predilection for EuroAirport and provides more passengers per thousand of inhabitants than the Cantons of Aargau, Berne and Solothurn. Since 2010, the number of Jura residents using EuroAirport has increased annually by an average of 4.3%.

EuroAirport's Board of Directors is composed of eight French members (appointed by order of the French Minister of Transport) and eight Swiss members (appointed by the Head of the Federal Office of Transport in Switzerland) and functions on the basis of Franco-Swiss parity. Since 1995 Germany has been represented by two German administrators in an advisory capacity. With the objective of reinforcing its relations with Jura, the Board decided to create a seat with an advisory role for a representative of the Canton of Jura taking effect as of 1 January 2016.