Cofely Services and EuroAirport officially inaugurate the renovated CHP plant at EuroAirport: positive energy results for the first year of operation with two new engines

Thursday 23 October 2014, Vincent Devauchelle, Deputy Director of EuroAirport and Eva Roussel, Regional Director of Cofely Services inaugurated the renovated CHP (combined heat and power plant) at EuroAirport during an official ceremony.

The CHP plant has produced positive results after its first year in operation with two new engines: an improvement in energy efficiency at the airport site of 3%, with 99% heat recovery and electricity production that is 7% higher compared to the previous facility.

In 2011, EuroAirport's Management published a European tender aimed at finding a specialist partner to invest in the modernisation of the CHP plant engines and to run the facility that had first been put into service in the winter of 2000-2001.

The contract was awarded to Cofely Services in June 2012 for a duration of 12 years and work on the modernisation of the two engines commenced in April 2013.

The partnership between EuroAirport and Cofely Services is based on a functional model designed to optimise energy production.

Cofely Services runs the facility and sells the total amount of the electricity produced to the energy provider while EuroAirport benefits from the heat recovered by the cogeneration process.

This model is in harmony with the sustainable development approach adopted by EuroAirport's Management, which seeks to protect the environment whilst creating value at the airport site.

The modernisation of the two engines by Cofely Services is based on a major innovation focusing on a new principle of recovering calories (parallel cooling of the engines and combustion vapours), coupled with new heat exchangers. The modernisation work carried out by Cofely Services represents an investment of around 1.8 million euros.