COVID-19 screening for passengers from countries at risk

From Saturday 1 August 2020, in accordance with French legislation, mandatory COVID-19 tests will be carried out at EuroAirport for all travelers from countries at risk. At present, this applies to arrivals from Israel, Serbia and Turkey.

Testing is mandatory whether arriving passengers are traveling to France or Switzerland. Whereas a COVID-19 negative test releases travelers to France from the quarantine requirement, this is not the case for travelers to Switzerland.

The COVID-19 screening tests imposed by the French authorities are mandatory from 1 August 2020 for all passengers – even those whose destination is Switzerland – arriving at EuroAirport from the countries at risk listed by the French authorities. Currently, this applies to arrivals from Israel, Serbia and Turkey. The tests are conducted by France’s regional health authority, Agence Régionale de Santé Grand Est (ARS), directly at the airport before passport control. Longer processing times than usual must be expected.

For travelers entering Switzerland from countries on the Swiss list of countries or areas with an increased risk of infection, the mandatory quarantine requirement in force since 6 July 2020 continues to apply. They must report their arrival to the competent cantonal authority at their home or place of stay and spend 10 days in quarantine.

Together with the authorities, EuroAirport is doing everything possible to reduce inconvenience to a minimum.