Current travel restrictions at the border triangle

EuroAirport is still in operation, but travel is severely restricted by the measures taken by state authorities to contain the further spread of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, the airport will remain open for cargo flights, transporting vital goods in and out of our region, as well as for medical or other important flights.

Since border controls were reintroduced at the external Schengen borders at 9 am on 19 March 2020, all non-Schengen citizens have been checked on arrival at EuroAirport. Entry into France is still possible for EU nationals, nationals of other Schengen states such as Switzerland, and for persons resident in these states.

In addition, Switzerland has introduced border controls with all neighbouring countries. Entry into Switzerland is prohibited except to Swiss nationals, persons holding a residence permit for Switzerland, cross-border workers, persons travelling to Switzerland for work-related reasons, and persons in transit.

Germany has been conducting controls at its borders with Switzerland, France and other neighbouring countries since 16 March 2020. Here too, only persons with German citizenship or residence permits, cross-border workers and persons with a valid reason may enter the country.

Please consult the websites of the competent state authorities for further information.

For more information: EuroAirport Press Release