As of 24 May 2016, change in provider of the mobile telephone network coverage at the EuroAirport site with progressive improvement of service

Starting 24 May 2016, there will be a change in the mobile telephone network coverage for the entire EuroAirport site and a progressive improvement of the corresponding service provided. In addition to the the free WiFi-service for all passengers in the airport terminal building, the mobile telephone service for individuals and companies on the entire airport site including the freight sector will be extended.

Since January 2015 EuroAirport Management teams have been working to coordinate the different stakeholders concerned, namely the French and Swiss mobile telephone providers and corresponding regulatory authorities. A working group was created by EuroAirport Management which took on a mediator role. The group’s objective was to find a pragmatic and balanced solution concerning the provision of the mobile telephone network at the airport site.

Following in-depth evaluation of the situation, the working group concluded that the best solution to ensure a quality mobile telephone service for all customers at the airport site is to maintain the mobile telephone network of the French providers (SFR, Orange, Bouygues, Free Mobile) with the Swiss providers (Swisscom, SALT, Sunrise) offering their customers internet and telephone services via roaming.
This conclusion coincides with the announcement at European level concerning the reduction in roaming costs for travelers going from one country to another within the European Union. These costs are also expected to be further reduced in 2017.