25 and 26 June 2016 - EuroAirport exhibits one of its Panther fire engines at the Open Door Days organized by the Saint-Louis fire brigade

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday 25 and 26 June 2016, the EuroAirport fire brigade will be exhibiting one of its new Panther fire engines during the Open Door Days organized by the fire brigade of Saint-Louis.

The new Panther fire-fighting engine constructed by the Austrian manufacturer Rosenbauer arrived at EuroAirport end of 2015 when the airport fire engine fleet was completely renewed. The new vehicle is 12 metres long and can accelerate from 0 to 80 km/h in 28 seconds.

Equipped with a 9,100 litre water tank and 1,200 litre foam tank, the Panther fire engine can reach a top speed of 120 km per hour. The vehicle has a roof turret with a full throughput of 4,000 litres per minute at 16 bar and a range of 70 to 80 metres. The Volvo 6-cylinder turbo diesel with 700 HP is based on the Euro 5 type for reduced CO2 emission.

According to current regulations for fire-fighting at the airport, the fire service must always be capable of reaching the scene of an emergency within three minutes, even at the furthest corner of the airport site. Safety is top priority in air traffic, so the airport fire service is on call 24/7.

The new EuroAirport Panther vehicle will be presented by members of the airport fire brigade during the Open Door Days organized by the fire brigade of Saint-Louis this Saturday, 25 June 2016 from 2 p.m. and Sunday, 26 June 2016 from 9 a.m. The Open Door event will take place at the main Rescue Centre, 10 boulevard de l’Europe in Saint-Louis.