2015: New record year for EuroAirport with 7.1 million passengers

Growth in airfreight thanks to Cargo Terminal. Further investments in improving service quality.

8 % growth in passenger traffic

With 7.1 million passengers at the end of 2015, EuroAirport posted an 8% increase in passenger traffic compared with the previous year (6.5 million). This increase is well above the European average (5%, source: ACI Europe).

Compared with the trend in passenger figures the number of flight movements for commercial passenger traffic (take-offs and landings of scheduled and charter flights) showed only slight increase of 2 %. In 2015, around 94,000 flight movements were recorded (2014: approx. 89,000). This is equivalent to growth of 5 %.

The new record result for passenger traffic is due in particular to higher frequencies on certain routes, more passengers travelling per flight movement and the increasing use of larger aircraft.

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