2013: another record year for passenger traffic, progress with major projects and more jobs

With close to 5.9 million passengers at the end of 2013, EuroAirport recorded growth of 10% compared with 2012 (5.3 million). This was well above the European average.

Expressed as a percent, the total number of flights (take-offs and landings) remained stable (0%), with 87,319 movements compared with 87,356 in 2012. However, the differential between the increase in the number of scheduled flights and the decrease in charter flights rose slightly (by 2%).

The 10% rise in the number of passengers is explained by four main factors: use of aircraft with greater capacity, better seat occupancy, extension of the airport's flight offering and additional flights to existing destinations. The expansion of the flight network reinforced EuroAirport's position as the airport of choice for residents of the tri-national region.

Freight business remained stable compared with 2012 (0%), posting an overall result of 94,000 tons (300 tons less than in 2012).
Express freight was up 3% at the end of 2013.

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