2011: A record year for passenger traffic

With 5.05 million passengers at the end of 2011, EuroAirport registered a record growth of 22% in comparison with the previous year (4.1 million), hitting the highest passenger figure since its creation in 1946. The number of movements (take-offs and landings) totalled 87,568 compared to 77,156 in 2010, increasing moderately by 14%. This record result reflects the use of bigger aircraft and an increase in the number of passengers transported per flight.

In contrast with passenger traffic, freight activities dropped in 2011 registering a total volume of around 104,000 tonnes (-4% down on 2010). This shortfall can be explained by two factors – a drop in the transport of goods due to the generally difficult world economic situation and closure of the main runway to large aircraft during the renovation works carried out between 3 May and 9 July 2011.
At the end of 2011, express freight activities increased by 6%.

The all-time passenger high can be explained by the following four main factors:

-  the arrival of 4 additionally based aircraft: easyJet planes 5, 6 and 7 in July 2010, December 2010 and December 2011 respectively and a 2nd airberlin plane in March 2010
- the strong Swiss franc inciting Swiss customers to travel more
- fewer cancelled flights as a result of more favourable weather conditions
- an increase in the number of flights and the use of bigger aircraft on certain routes.

In 2011, EuroAirport customers could benefit from 13 new destinations: Bejaia, Berlin Tegel, Dresden, Edinburg, Enfidha, Copenhagen, Malaga, Marsa Alam, Nador, Tel Aviv and Venice.
The increased flight frequencies on a number of routes underline the importance of the airport and its connections for tourism and the economic development of the region.

The following important developments in 2011 deserve special mention:

- Successful completion of the renovation work on the main runway
- Re-opening of Hall 2 and the “Salon des Aviateurs” marking the end of the first two phases of the renovation work on the old airport terminal building
- Opening of a new tax-free shop in the Swiss sector of the Arrivals area improving passenger services
- Continuation of the freight project in Zone 4 and start of land clearing work
- Specific advances with the rail link project:

- two meetings of the tri-national steering committee
- completion of the study programme piloted by the “Préfet de Région”
- choice of the rail link as the most efficient solution
- several initiatives realized by the Association for Promotion of the EuroAirport Rail Link EAP EXPRESS:
- organization of a colloquium on 20 June 2011 dedicated to the topic of cross-border mobility and the opening of the first in a series of exhibitions presenting the rail link project to the public in Mulhouse and at EuroAirport.
 At the end of 2011, EAP EXPRESS counted around 40 active members in addition to its 10 founding members.

- Construction work on a third hangar by AMAC Aerospace in the Zone 6bis.

In 2012, EuroAirport welcomes the following new destinations to its existing flight offering:
Marseille (with Air France), Faro, Fuerteventura, Ibiza, Tenerife and Toulouse (with easyJet), Amsterdam (with KLM) and Usedom (with OLT).
Additional news includes an improved holiday flight offering to popular sunny destinations like Agadir Boa Visa (Cape Verde), Larnaca, Pristina, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) and Sal (Cape Verde).

For 2012 EuroAirport expects moderate passenger growth of 3%, reaching 5.2 million passengers and growth of about 8% in the freight business.

EuroAirport’s objectives for 2012:

- Completion of the renovation programme in the old Airport Terminal building (Hall 3 and the cross-border passage between Halls 2 and 3)
- Start of construction work on the new freight infrastructure in Zone 4 (summer 2012)
- Continued progress on the rail link project:
- Publication of the project
- Start of the preliminary project work
- Financing model for the project
- Continuing the public exhibitions about the rail link project presented by EAP EXPRESS in France, Switzerland and Germany

In order to ensure its future development, EuroAirport needs clarification of the legal situation for Swiss companies operating in the Swiss sector of the airport platform.

Passenger traffic: 94% (4.7 million) of the 5.05 million passengers used scheduled flights (+25% in comparison with 2010). The situation for holiday flights (charter flights) stabilised (-5%).

Freight traffic in 2011 totalled nearly 104,000 tonnes, a decrease of 4%.  All-cargo flights were down by 32% at around 8,700 tonnes and road freight fell by 2% to just over 62,000 tonnes. The express freight sector was characterized by growth, registering just over 32,000 tonnes (+6%).

Movements: The number of movements (take-offs and landings) rose moderately to reach 87,568 (+14%). 
66,198 (76%) of recorded movements were commercial.