2010: A year of recovery, numerous projects and initiatives


At the end of 2010, EuroAirport registered 4.1 million passengers 7% up on the 3.85 million in 2009. The number of movements (take-offs and landings) totalled 77,152 compared to 74,992 in 2009, increasing slightly by 3%. 
Following the trend in passenger traffic, growth also resumed in the freight sector which registered a little more than 107,000 tonnes, representing an increase of 26% when compared with the previous year. This result must be seen against the background of a fall of 16% suffered in this sector in 2009, due to the difficult world economic situation. With a growth rate of 17% at the end of 2010, the activities of the express freight show good recovery (-8% in 2009).


These positive results reflect the strength of EuroAirport’s business model, proving its resilience in the face of the economic crisis and the extraordinary events of 2010 - the volcanic eruption in Iceland in April, which led to a loss of 70,000 passengers and 1,000 tonnes of freight, the public sector strikes in France and other European countries, and the heavy snowfall from November onwards.


2010 saw the addition of routes to 17 new destinations: Ajaccio, Catania, Copenhagen, Djerba, Dresden, Edinburgh, Ibiza, Luxor, Marsa Alam, Nador, Nantes, Oran, Pristina, Split, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki and Venice. Three new aircraft were based at EuroAirport: a second aeroplane from the air berlin group in March, a fifth easyJet aircraft in June and a sixth in December.


The trend towards widening the range of destinations used by business travellers (e.g. Copenhagen, Dresden, Edinburgh, Nantes and Tel Aviv) reflects the importance of the airport and its links with the regional economy.


The following major events of 2010 deserve special mention:


                    - Concrete progress made in the rail link project:

                              - A meeting of the tri-national steering committee at the end of June, organised by the French government, to

                                mark the official re-launch of the project; 
                             - Confirmation of the loan of CHF 25 million by the Swiss government in June;
                             - Creation of an Association for the Promotion of the EuroAirport Rail Link in October.


                    - Enhancement of noise protection programme:

                             - Gradual increase in landing and take-off surcharges of 50% over three years for any landing and take-off at

                                sensitive times, with effect from 1 April 2011;
                             - Tightening of ban on landings and take-offs between 22.00 and 6.00 hours for the noisiest ICAO chapter 3

                                aircraft, to take effect during 2012;
                             - Ban on loud aircraft on Sundays and common French and Swiss public holidays before 9 am and after

                               10 pm, to take effect during 2012;
                             - No non-scheduled flights accepted between 11pm and 6am, except in emergencies (immediate effect).

                     - The decision to invest €36 million in modern, high-performance freight infrastructure.


                     - The election of Jean-Pierre Lavielle as President of the Board of Directors of the airport in January and the

                        appointment of Christoph Brutschin as Vice-President in December.

In 2011, EuroAirport will witness increase in the number of flights thanks to the addition of the following five new destinations:
Moscow with VIM Airlines, Berlin-Tegel, Malta and Enfidha (Tunisia) with air berlin and Djerba with Tunis Air. In addition, Lufthansa will be flying to Frankfurt 6x daily (one extra flight), Sun Express to Antalya 5x weekly (two extra flights) and, for the first time, Izmir 2x weekly. 
Other flight plan news includes additional charter flights to Agadir and Antalya, and new flights to Pula, in Croatia.


With regard to its objectives for 2011, EuroAirport expects a passenger growth of 7%, reaching 4.4 million passenger and modest growth of about 2% in the freight business.


Renovation of the old terminal (halls 2 and 3), renovation of the main runway between May and September, the opening of a duty-free shop in the arrivals hall on the Swiss side and the planning of new industrial hangars in the south-western zone are also on the schedule for 2011.


In order to ensure the sustainable development of its activities, EuroAirport will continue to pursue progress on three essential projects: the construction of a hotel near the terminal building, a direct rail link to the French, Swiss and German railway networks and the launch of modernisation work on the freight infrastructure.



Passenger traffic: 93% (3.8 million) of the 4.1 million passengers used scheduled flights (18% in comparison with 2009). The situation for holiday flights (charter flights) stabilised (-4%).
Freight traffic in 2010 totalled just over 107,000 tonnes, an increase of 26%.  All-cargo flights were up by 158% at nearly 13,000 tonnes and road freight grew by 18% to just over 63,000 tonnes. Growth was also registered in the express freight sector, which reached just over 30,000 tonnes (+17%).


Movements: The number of movements (take-offs and landings) was up slightly at 77,152 (3%). 
58,128 (75%) of recorded movements were commercial.