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COVID Test Centre at the airport

Basel-Mulhouse Airport has two different types of Covid tests in a test centre in the terminal.

Out of consideration for your fellow passengers, we ask you not to use the EuroAirport Covid Test Centre if you are experiencing symptoms of a Covid infection. In this case, please contact a test centre in your country of residence.

When should I take a test?
Many countries require a negative Corona test for entry into the country, it must usually be presented before you can fly. Please check with your airline or the authorities in the country of destination before travelling, to understand what kind of test you need for entry and the time period in which it must be taken before departure. Attention: Conditions of entry to particular countries are changing rapidly and regularly. The airport does NOT give you legally binding information on the entry criteria for your respective country.

What types of tests are available?
The EuroAirport Test Centre has both rapid tests (antigen tests) and PCR tests:

  • Rapid test (antigen tests): results within 15 minutes incl. confirmation
  • PCR test «Classic»: results available before midnight on the same day, including laboratory confirmation
  • PCR test «Flash»: results / confirmation from the laboratory by e-mail within 90 minutes.

For the PCR test "Flash" we recommend to perform it at least 3.5 hours before boarding. Due to a limited number of places, access to the "Flash" PCRs cannot be guaranteed for passengers who have not made a reservation.

Which type of test and test method for which age?
In principle, every test can be carried out regardless of the age of the person. For adults, the PCR and antigen tests are carried out with a nasopharyngeal swab. In case of medical contraindication, but also for children, an oral pharyngeal swab can be performed.
For children, only the PCR "classic" test can also be performed as a saliva test and for infants as a "sucking test" (sucking on a sample swab) (these sampling methods are not available for PCR "Flash" tests and antigen tests).
Please contact the local medical staff directly for the appropriate method.

What are the opening hours?
The opening hours of the test centre are:
Monday to Sunday, incl. public holidays: 07:00 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:45

What do the tests cost?

  • Rapid test (antigen tests): € 40 / CHF 45.-
  • PCR test «Classic»: € 100 / CHF 110.-
  • PCR test «Flash»: € 175 / CHF 195.-

Payment can be made in cash or by credit card.

The rapid antigen test, as well as the PCR test "classic", is covered by the French Social Security without any advance payment for holders of a "Carte Vitale" (France), subject to presentation of one of the following authorised documents: full vaccination certificate, proof of age less than 18 years, medical prescription, SMS or "contact case" email, certificate of recovery < 6 months or a certificate of contraindication. For the PCR test "Flash", an additional fee of 100 € must be paid. In the absence of valid proof, the client will have to pay for the test and may obtain a care sheet to request reimbursement (excluding airport surcharges) from the Social Security.

Other travellers will have to pay for the test, but can obtain a certificate of payment for possible coverage by their health insurance company in their country of origin.

Do I have to make a reservation?
A reservation is recommended. To reserve a slot for an appointment, please click on the following link:


Where is the test centre located?
The test centre is located in departure hall 1 on level 3, on the French side of the airport terminal (crossing over in the terminal from the Swiss side to the French sector and vice versa is possible).

How will I receive my test results?
For rapid antigen tests: the result is handed to you directly on site in the form of a paper certificate in French, German and English.

For PCR tests: the result is sent by email in French, German and English directly from the laboratory as a password-protected PDF.
EU certificates / Green pass: Please note that in addition to the antigen or PCR test result you will receive an EU and Switzerland compatible certificate with QR code from the French Ministry of Health. You can import this certificate into any European app, including the Swiss "SwissCovid" app.

It is recommended to have both documents (test result and certificate) with you for the journey.

For more information, please consult the FAQs or send us an email at