Safe Travel / COVID-19
Our measures for safe travel

Precautionary measures at the Airport for safe travel

Social distancing measures:
Adjacent seats in the terminal and at the boarding gates have been taped off for your protection.
Hygiene measures:
Hand sanitiser facilities have been placed at security checks and other key points in the terminal.
Social distancing measures:
Distance signage on floors at check-in counters, security checks and boarding gates to help you keep your distance.
Hygiene measures:
Perspex screen dividers have been installed at check-in counters, security checks and boarding gates to protect travelers and employees.
Hygiene measures:
Regular disinfection and cleaning of the baggage trolleys by our employees.
Social distancing measures:
Provision of cleaned baggage carts with an appropriate distance.
Hygiene measures:
Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all passenger areas as well as airport buses.
Hygiene measures:
Installation of foot door openers which you can use with your shoes - prevents touching the door handles.

Further measures

To make your journey as safe and pleasant as possible we have brought in the following measures:
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection measures in all areas of the Airport are in place
  • Passenger flow management to ensure adequate distancing in specific areas
  • Regular announcements over the public address system about precautionary measures and instructions
  • Installation of foot door openers to avoid touching doors with your hands
  • Disinfection of air-conditioning systems and regular replacement of AC filters
  • Automatic disinfection of handrails on escalators and walkways by a built-in UVC light
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of baggage carts
Data subject to change. Changes may occur without previous notice.