Time Expected From Flight no. Status
11:45 12:00 Belgrade DS1178
11:45 11:31 Edinburgh DS6918 Landed 11:28
11:50 11:36 berlin schön U24633
12:10 12:55 Lisbon DS7687
12:15 11:55 Thessaloniki DS1110
12:30 12:20 Santiago DS1180
12:35 Munich LH2396
12:40 11:41 Stockholm DS1146
Time Expected To Flight no. Status
11:40 Palma OE310 Now boarding
11:50 london heath BA753 Now boarding
12:10 Constantine AH1171 Boarding 11:40
12:25 berlin schön U24634 Boarding 11:45
12:45 Pristina DS1187 Boarding 12:05
13:00 Tenerife DS1225 Boarding 12:20
13:10 Munich LH2397
13:15 Venice U23364

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Parking Status Free
EXP Departure / Arrival / Express open 176
F1 Premium open 74
F4 Car Park open 213
F3 Proximity open 56
F5 Proximity occupied 0
F6 Remote open 392
Parking Status Free
S1 Terminal Car Park open 55
S2 Terminal Zone open 236
S12 Proximity open 82
S13 Proximity open 148
S3 Remote closed Please follow S12 / S13 or S4
S4 Remote open 744

Latest News

  • MM_TAP_klein

    TAP Air Portugal includes EuroAirport in its flight plan

    New flights to Lisbon to serve the economically powerful trinational region between Basel, Mulhouse and Freiburg

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  • EAP_150x150

    New EuroAirport rail link

    Public consultation opens today

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  • MM_Ausstellung_klein

    “Of planes and men - destination EuroAirport”

    Coinciding with the new school year, an exhibition at the Saint-Louis town hall traces the history of aviation in the three-border region, particularly focusing on Basel-Mulhouse Airport since 1946

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    Wizz Air launches a new service from EuroAirport to Pristina

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  • air arabia Maroc-2pt

    Air Arabia Maroc launches new service connecting EuroAirport to Agadir

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Information, offers and tools

  • EuroAirport Skyview Lounge

    Your time in the award-winning Skyview Lounge before your departure will be particularly enjoyable.

    It is open for all passengers holding a valid boarding card. Entry can be purchased directly in the lounge at a price of CHF 38.00 (€ at day's rate).

    More information

  • EuroAirport Advantages

    With the Advantages loyalty programme, as a frequent flyer you can enjoy numerous benefits at EuroAirport.

    Would you like to use Fast Track whatever your booking class?
    Or benefit from numerous discounts and privileges at EuroAirport?
    Or relax in our award-winning lounge while you are waiting to board?

    Become a member today and you’re off!

  • EuroAirport Business Center

    The EuroAirport Conference Center is the ideal place for meetings, seminars and professional trainings. The unique location, flooded with light, in the heart of the airport provides inspiration and gives you a real boost.

    Available are ten fully equipped conference rooms providing a capacity for between two and ninety people.

    More information

  • EuroAirport Mobile App

    The official EuroAirport app shows current arrivals or departures on launch. In addition, you can add individual flights to a favorites list, allowing direct access to the current status of the flight.

    For every flight, push notifications can be activated to be informed about status changes like delays or boarding times.

    More information

  • EuroAirport #1 Wi-Fi

    EuroAirport Wi-Fi – unlimited, free and everywhere in the terminal.

    We are proud to announce that you, our customers, have ranked us No. 1 airport in France and Switzerland for our Wi-Fi service in 2017, according to the ACI-ASQ survey.

    We will continue to work hard to improve our service quality focusing on passenger services important to you.

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