FuelRod - Power on the go

Recharge your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or playstations ahead of your flight with a FuelRod and enjoy continuous output power during the flight.

Passengers at EuroAirport have the choice of four FuelRod kiosks where you may buy your mobile power bank. It’s ready for use immediately.

Once your FuelRod has been used up you may simply swap it for free at any of our worldwide locations. And off you go with a full FuelRod again. Or you may choose to recharge it yourself by plugging it into an electric socket or any USB charger.

The FuelRod Starter Kit sells for EUR/CHF 35 and contains the charger cable and adapter for all commonly available devices on the market.

Locations of FuelRod at EuroAirport:
  • Gate 32
  • Gate 35
  • Gate 78
  • Arrivals (Luggage Belt)
Additional information and the worldwide kiosk locator are found here: www.fuel-rod.com
Helpline Switzerland: 0800 736 500 (International: +41 800 736 500)